This site is now supercharged with this groundbreaking technology, rss

The tiktok generation wouldn't know this • November 26, 2023

This site now has an rss feed if you look in the header (or /feed.rss) so you can easily subscribe to my subpar low quality shitposts.

But, what is RSS?

Think of RSS as subscribing to your daily news or blog but in a standardized manner. So you don't download their garbage apps but use their RSS feeds to consume content from "aggregators". As the name suggests, aggregators aggregate new posts every interval from your feeds and show it to you in the client.

But do I have to use this?

Should you, depends on you. Personally companies have become less of the consumer and more of money-printing machines and they do this by showing you their content in otherwise adpilled, sponsored and bloated websites. Using RSS with your favorite client drastically improves this experience.

If you have accessibility needs, RSS will also help you here.

What do I use then?

There are TONS for every platform since the standard is so old now. I personally view feeds on my Android with Read You.